Getting Readyfor Towhee

Packing information

Storage and cabin space is limited. Please pack all clothing and equipment into no more than two bags that can be easily stored (e.g. hockey bags, duffel bags). Please write your child’s full name in a visible location on all bags.

Clothing and equipment

Your child/adolescent will be active at Towhee and will require clothing and equipment for various conditions including warm, sunny days, rain and cooler temperatures. Simple, practical clothes that can be easily layered are best.

Please leave valuable articles of clothing at home as Towhee will not replace any lost or stolen items.

Dress Code
Shorts must be at least mid-thigh length, tank tops must be loose with thick straps (i.e., spaghetti strap tank tops are not permitted), and shirts must cover the mid-riff (belly) and cleavage. Clothing with offensive words or images should stay at home. Participants may be told that items of clothing will be put away for the session and not worn, based on the discretion of Towhee staff.

Suggested Clothing List

Click here for a printable PDF of the suggested clothing list.


Participants are welcome to bring MP3 players (e.g., iPods) or personal CD players with them to Towhee. Participants will have the opportunity to listen to these devices only at designated times (i.e., quiet time and bedtime), or as determined by the staff based on need.

It is important to note that MP3 players can be easily misplaced or broken at Towhee due to weather or misuse. Some parents choose to pack a less expensive MP3 player for their child’s session at Towhee in order to avoid disappointment.

Participants are not to bring mobile phones, portable computer games or other electronic devices to Towhee. All electronics not permitted at Towhee will be stored with the director until the session ends. Participants will NOT have access to these devices until they get on the bus to go home.

Phone calls home will be made on the Towhee telephone using a bell phone card or collect calling.


Participants may wish to bring candy or a special snack with them for the bus ride to Towhee. This is perfectly fine. Any candy that is left over will be stored during Towhee and returned to participants when they get on the bus to return home.

Participants will NOT have access to candy at any time while at Towhee to not only avoid any possible issues between participants but also monitor food consumption in cabins (which attracts rodents and other critters.)

Towhee provides many special treats which will most definitely feed your child’s “sweet tooth.” Parents may bring a small treat for their children on Visitors Day, to be consumed while parents are at Towhee. Any leftovers will be stored and returned at the end of the session.

Laundry and clothing labels

Laundry is done weekly by Towhee staff. Please clearly identify your child/adolescent’s name on each article of clothing using a laundry pen or labels in order to ensure all items are accounted for.

Your information package contains an Ontario Camps Association clothing label form. To access the order form online, click here.

Staying in Touch

Communication between parents and participants

Spending two to three weeks away at camp can be a long separation for children/adolescents and their parents. One of the best ways to keep in touch during Towhee is to send letters, and participants will be encouraged to send mail home once per week. We will provide participants with postcards and activity sheets as part of the letter-writing process, and we will require you to provide your child with five stamps for their stay at Towhee.

Parents are expected to send one letter or postcard per week to their child/adolescent. Even if the letters are short, your child/adolescent will greatly appreciate receiving mail. Our mail is often slow, so it is a good idea to send a letter right after your child/adolescent leaves for Towhee.

We get many questions about the protocol around telephone calls between parents and participants during sessions. Most of the children/adolescents will feel homesick at some point, and it is important that you discuss the issue of homesickness with your child/adolescent before they leave for Towhee. If you feel that phone calls between home and Towhee may still be necessary, please discuss this with your Child and Family Therapist or the Towhee Director before your child’s session begins.

Communication between parents and Towhee

Throughout the two to three weeks of the program, your Child and Family Therapist will be actively aware of your child’s/adolescent’s progress at Towhee. The Towhee Director and senior Towhee staff communicate with Integra Child and Family Therapists throughout the session. If you have questions about your child’s/adolescent’s progress while at Towhee, please contact your Child and Family Therapist at the Integra office.

It is very important that you remain available throughout the two or three weeks of the Towhee program. In case of a medical emergency or issues related to your child’s/adolescent’s experience in the program, we must know where to contact you. You should be able to reach the Towhee site in Haliburton, Ontario, within 4 to 6 hours, in case of emergency. Throughout the summer, please contact Towhee directly to advise us of your whereabouts should your home/work contact information differ from what we have on-file.