Dates& Rates

Dates for 2021

April break:
April 12 to April 16

Session 1 – Virtual:
(10 to 18 year olds):
Monday, July 5th to Friday, July 16th

Session 2 – Virtual:
Monday, July 19th to Friday, July 30th

Session 3 – Virtual:
Monday, August 2nd to Friday, August 13th

Mondays from 430pm – 6pm, Running from July 5th – August 23rd, 2021

Are you interested in giving back to others? Helping out your community? Taking action in issues that matter to you?
Do you still need volunteer hours for high school?
‘Take Action with Towhee’ is an 8-week volunteer program for youth ages 12-18 who are interested in doing (digital) volunteer projects.
You’ll come up with ideas as a group and then make them happen!

Application Forms

Registration will open on May 15th, 2021.  You can register online at

In order to be eligible for any Camp Towhee programs youth must meet our criteria

Towhee Fees

Although we are government funded, the costs of running high-quality programs for youth with Learning Disabilities and other co-occuring challenges exceeds our funding.  As such we are instituting suggested donations per session, to help us cover the cost of camp.  We have 4 suggested tiers of donation which are summarized below:

No donation This tier is for those that cannot or do not wish to donate at this time.
Subsidized Tier

$10  ($1 per 3-5 hour day)

We offer the subsidized tier so that any family can support Towhee, as they are able.
Base Tier

$50 ($5 per 3-5 hour day)

A donation at the Base Tier covers approximately 50% of the costs that we incur to operate virtual Towhee.
Sustaining Tier

$100 ($10 per 3-5 hour day)

The sustaining tier represents 100% of the additional costs that we incur to operate virtual towhee.
Benefactor Tier

$250 ($25 per 3-5 hour day)

If you can afford the benefactor-level donation you assist us with off-setting costs for those who cannot make a donation.

We will issue a charitable tax receipt at the end of the summer to anyone who has donated $20 or more to our programs.

Dates& Rates

Dates for 2020

Session 1:
(10 to 13 year olds):
Monday, July 5h to Saturday, July 17th


Session 2:
(10 to 18 year olds):
Tuesday, July 20th to Sunday, August 1st


Session 3:
(14 to 18 year olds & LIT’s):
Monday, August 9th to Saturday, August 28th


*Please Note: Due to the circumstances surrounding Covid-19 the fees shown may still be subject to further changes.  We are re-evaluating our camp fees to adjust for increasing costs, and meet the guidelines and recommendations provided to us by the OCA and the CDC. We are anticipating that we will be given the necessary guidance in March 2021. At which time, we will finalize the camp fees to ensure we are able to effectively meet the health and safety needs of our campers and staff. This includes whether we will be able to provide transportation to and from Haliburton, back to the Toronto and Greater Toronto Area. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Application Forms

Please do NOT complete any forms if you have not first spoken with Trish McKeough (Towhee Director) to determine if Towhee is right for your child.

Please send in your applications as soon as possible, as spots are not guaranteed.

All potential participants will meet in person with a Director or designate as well as participate in a group meeting with other potential participants to determine if Towhee is the right fit this summer.

Towhee Fees

The fee for 2021 is $2,400* for a two-week session and $3,600* for the three-week session. Fees cover all transportation*, laundry services, meals and snacks, activities and special events.

Details will be provided, no later than April 2021, to outline the required deposits and payments, as well as an updated refund policy for the summer of 2021.

Subsidies and payment plans are available for families requiring assistance in covering the full costs of their child’s Towhee session. For more information, please contact the Towhee Program.

Please note, Integra bursaries are available for Integra clients. For more information please contact Trish McKeough at  416-603-1827;5241