Trish McKeough, MSW, RSW.
Camp Director and Manager of Therapeutic Recreation Programs at CDI

As a lifelong camper, canoeist and outdoor enthusiast, Trish has worked in the camping industry for nearly two decades.  Her camp career has included supervising and managing waterfronts, ropes courses and outtripping program.  She is very focused on safety and risk management while having fun!  Trish has been working with the Integra Program at CDI since 2002 in various roles including Towhee Assistant Director, Child and Family Therapist and Mindfulness Martial Arts Coordinator.  Trish is excited to return to the sunny shores of Haliburton this summer for her 12th season at Towhee, and can be reached at

Kelsey Styles
Assistant Director, Programming

Kelsey grew up spending her summers just 30 minutes down the road from Camp Towhee, in the Haliburton area. Whether it was at the summer camp or the cottage she spent her time camping, canoeing, hiking and exploring her passion for the outdoors! She began her journey at Towhee in 2016 as an out-tripping programmer, which introduced her to the world of adventure and wilderness based therapy programs. Her passion for therapeutic outdoor programming grew over the next three summers at Towhee. In 2018 she moved on from programming to become the supervisor of the out-tripping and waterfront program. Kelsey graduated from Brock University last spring and holds a BA in Philosophy, as well as Child and Youth Studies. She is currently finishing her first year of the two-year Bachelors of Education Program at Lakehead University. Kelsey is excited to start another great summer at Towhee, where she can continuing to learn and grow as the Assistant Director of Programming.

Maddy Turpin
Assistant Director, Counselling

Maddy discovered Towhee in 2015, as an eager undergraduate student looking for a summer adventure. After her first summer working in the EXCEL program, Maddy knew her life had been changed forever. Following her passion, she returned for the next five summers in various roles including ropes programmer, EXCEL supervisor and Assistant Director of Programming. After graduating with her BA in Criminal Justice and Public Policy, along with a minor in Family and Child Studies from The University of Guelph; Maddy went on to work at the Pine River Institute, supporting adolescents who are working through addiction and struggling with their Mental Health. Currently halfway through her Master of Social Work Degree at Wilfrid Laurier University, Maddy is eager to get back to camp as the Assistant Director of Counselling this summer!

Riyah Malek
Administrative Assistant

Our office admin Riyah is the friendly face and voice behind many of the emails and phone calls you will receive prior to camp. Riyah moved to Canada from the UK back in 2014 and ended up staying in Toronto as she fell in love with the diversity in the city. Her background has been in Administrative/Finance related roles and she has had the experience of working with many clients across different industries from recreational to clinical to manufacturing. Riyah is an Honors graduate from The University of Surrey, England, holding a degree in Business Studies. She is currently pursuing further studies in Business/Accounting and believes in continually learning and developing her skills. She also enjoys casually volunteering and assists at food banks and Canadian charities in her spare time. She considers working with CDI a part of giving back to Canadian families and the community. She brings with her a great positive energy and a smile.

Photo of Riyah Malek