Packing List

Packing information

Space at camp is limited, so you will need to pack light! Keep your gear down to two bags (hockey bags and duffel bags are best), and be sure to write your name on both bags.

Clothing and equipment

Your adventure awaits! You’ll be in the wilderness and will need to prepare for all sorts of weather conditions including warm, sunny days, rain and cooler temperatures. Pick your favourite, most comfortable clothes and be prepared to layer them when the weather gets cooler.

Be sure to leave your valuable stuff at home.

Dress Code

Please leave these items off your packing list:

  • Shorts that go higher than your mid-thighs
  • Tank tops with spaghetti straps
  • Crops tops and low-cut shirts
  • Clothes with offensive words or images

If your Towhee counsellors find that your outfit doesn’t meet dress code standards, they will ask you to put the item(s) away for the duration of your session.

Suggested Clothing List

Click here for a printable list of the things to pack.


Some electronic devices are welcome at Towhee, while others are not. Here’s the definitive list:

  • MP3 players
  • Personal CD players

You will have the opportunity to listen to these devices only at designated times (i.e., quiet time and bedtime), or when your counsellor says it’s okay.

  • Mobile phones
  • Portable computer games
  • Any other electronic devices

You can call home using the Towhee telephone—ask your counsellors or the Towhee Director for help if you need it.


Feel free to bring candy or a special snack with you for the bus ride up to Towhee. Anything leftover at the end of the bus ride will be put away during your time at Towhee and given back to you for your bus ride home.

While you won’t have access to your candy while at Towhee, you’ll have the chance to enjoy all sorts of other special treats. Bon appetit!

Laundry and clothing labels

Your laundry will be washed once at week at Towhee. To make sure your favourite items don’t get misplaced, be sure to write your name on everything so that we can keep good track of it.

From One Towhee participant To Another: How to worry less and enjoy more

A couple of summers ago, right after I got out of school, there were millions of butterflies in my stomach.  School’s out, the pressure’s off.  Why did I feel this way?

Because I was going to Towhee.  I was scared I would be too homesick to have a good time. As much as I wanted to go, the idea of being away from home for a few weeks still frightened me.

When I went to my mother (who is usually good at this sort of thing), she really didn’t know what to say. Then I thought of going to some of my friends who had already been to Towhee. That’s where I struck it rich! I got lots of advice, and it sounded as if it would really work.

It did. I went to Towhee and had the best summer of my life.

Because my friend’s advice worked for me, I thought some advice from one kid to another might help you worry less and enjoy Towhee more.

So here it is: In addition to all the things on your list, you might like to bring some of the following things with you. This is the stuff that will make it easier to be away.

  • A flashlight, in case you need to get up late at night.
  • Pictures of family or friends or pets.
  • Tape to hang things (like family photos and letters) on the wall.
  • Choose a stuffed animal or something you really treasure (like your favourite hat, etc.) to have a bit of home with you. Don’t worry about being embarrassed. Most of the kids bring something like this.
  • Pack something you like to do. For example, if you like to play dominos, take along your domino set.
  • Playing cards are a must. They are small and easy to pack, and something everyone has fun playing.
  • There’s some time to read so books come in handy, but this isn’t the time for long books. There are lots of interruptions, so bring shorter books so that reading them will be fun, and not boring.
  • Ask your parents if you can have a disposable camera so you can take pictures of your friends at Towhee. These are treasures you’ll always want to have, and a disposable camera means you don’t have to worry about losing something valuable.
  • Bring a big t-shirt and a fabric marker, then have your friends sign it.  It’s fun to have a “memory” shirt of your Towhee friends.
  • When you’re writing home to your family and friends be sure to include the Towhee address in every letter. You may think they already have it, but people can lose addresses easily. My mom pre-addressed some envelopes for me. It made writing home a lot easier, and that was a help when I didn’t have a lot of time. (They do like you to write.)

Most important is to have fun!