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Pour les services en français, veuillez communiquer avec: Le Centre francophone de Toronto

Admissions and Intake

Is the Integra Learning Disabilities & Mental Health program right for my Child?

If you are wondering whether the IIntegra Learning Disabilities & Mental Health program is right for your child, please refer to the following checklist of admission requirements:

  • Your child is between the ages of 8-18
  • Your child has been diagnosed with a learning disability and is also struggling with social, emotional and behavioural problems
  • You possess a recent psychological assessment for your child indicating the presence of a learning disability and average or above average cognitive reasoning*
  • You live in Toronto**

*Assessments are most often done by a school psychologist, a hospital psychologist or are arranged by parents with a private practitioner. We do not offer psychological assessments, but we can advise parents on how to arrange them.

**Integra Learning Disabilities & Mental Health programs are available only to residents of Toronto, with the exception of Towhee Summer Residential Program, which accepts children and youth from throughout Ontario. For links to other agencies outside Toronto, please visit our Resources section.

Admission Procedures

After reviewing the “Is Integra Learning Disabilities & Mental Health Program Right for my Child” checklist (above), please call 416-603-182 extension 2254 for further intake instructions. 

We regret that there may be a waiting period for service. While you are waiting, we will inform you of workshops and parenting programs that may be of interest you. Please view our Workshop Calendar for upcoming dates.

Once your wait is over, you will be contacted about pre-clinic questionnaires and booking clinic appointments (see below for next steps).

Interested in applying to the Towhee Summer Residential Program? Click here.

Contacting the Integra Program:

25 Imperial Street
Toronto, ON  M5P 1B9
Tel: 416-603-1827
Fax: 416-486-1282

For a full description of our policies, please read the Parent Information Booklet.


For most of our services, there are no fees. However, our specialized programs, Towhee Summer Residential Program and Mindfulness Martial Arts, and some workshops do require fees. Subsidy applications are available for low-income families.