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Group Programs

Parenting after violence

Here to Help

Here to Help is a group intervention program for mothers with children ages 4 to 18 who have experienced family violence. The group runs for 13 weeks and is offered two times per year. The group provides a safe and supportive environment for mothers and children to talk about the violence they have experienced, and helps families process their emotions together.

Here to Help helps women and their children to understand that they are not alone.

Mothers in Mind

Mothers in Mind (MIM) is a trauma-informed, mother-child group program for mothers who have had hurtful experiences such as intimate partner violence, childhood abuse and neglect or sexual assault and are parenting children under the age of four.

MIM helps mothers connect with their infants and toddlers in a playful, supported environment, where strengths are highlighted and built upon. Mothers explore ways to be kind to and take care of themselves, while reflecting on and gaining strategies to respond sensitively to their young child. 

MIM supports mothers in responding to the needs of their young child.

Click here to read about how Mothers in Mind turned life around for Farah and her son.

Click here for the Mothers in Mind website.


Transitions is a drop-in group program to support women and children who have experienced family violence or other trauma, and are currently in crisis or transition. The drop-in group is run weekly and provides mothers with the opportunity to get specific support on the unique aspects of parenting after abuse, resources and referrals as issues arise. Children attend a separate group to develop stress management and safety planning techniques, as well as coping strategies and social skills.

Transitions supports families during times of crisis and change.


Note: Child care and TTC tickets are provided free of charge for all Family Violence Services group programs.