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Child and Family Programs

Healthy child development

Intensive Family Support Program (IFSP)

The Intensive Family Support Program (IFSP) provide intensive family-based therapeutic and mental health services for children (ages 0-11) and their caregivers within Toronto. Our program aims to provide therapeutic support and treatment for children and their families, who have been identified as having mental health needs that that interfere with their daily lives and may lead to family breakdown in either their home, school and/or community and require an intensive level of interventions and which are delivered through the use of evidence based practices, are flexible, and tailored to meet their individual needs. This program is built on the understanding that solutions can only be achieved through engagement and participation of the entire family.

 The IFSP offers different levels of service intensity depending on the needs of the child. The team includes child and youth practitioners, child and family therapists and psychologists. These professionals work together with the family to develop a treatment plan that may include in school support, parenting groups, in-home intensive treatment, individual and/or family therapy, or specialized day treatment (grades 1-3 only) to help children and caregivers work toward their families goals. 

We offer parents the skills and resources to deal on their own with the difficulties that arise when supporting their child’s needs, and give children the skills to cope with family, peer, school and community problems. We engage key people and supports in the family’s environment (family, school, community members, extended family etc.) and collaborate with family members to design the treatment plan. 

The IFSP team provide intensive case management, supports, parenting training, coaching and skill building, child supports as well as assistance with coordinating and advocating for appropriate services. Services are flexible, accommodating the unique needs of each family. 

If you are a youth, up to 18 years of age, or their parent or guardian, you can submit a referral for yourself or on behalf of someone else for intensive services (day treatment, live-in treatment or intensive in home treatment) to Help Ahead. Help Ahead will receive your request and can call your client or their family directly to discuss suitable options based on their needs and begin the intake process with them. If you have questions about available options for service, you can also phone Help Ahead at 1 866 585 6486 or email us at helpahead@stridestoronto.ca.

Family and Community Counselling

The Family and Community Counselling team provides counselling services for families of children under the age of six who are experiencing social, emotional, developmental or behavioural difficulties. The program is also available for children ages 6-11 and their families who have been referred internally from another CDI program. Child and Family Clinicians provide counselling services tailored to each family’s needs. Services may include:family therapy; parent counselling; parent-child interventions; parenting guidance and support; specialized group programs; in-home coaching and support; liaison and consultation to schools; and service coordination. Clinicians focus on identifying and building on strengths, and addressing specific areas such as the child’s needs, family dynamics, stressors, coping strategies and parenting styles. Children are referred to this program through CDI’s Early Intervention Intake Services; priority is given to children under the age of three.