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My name is Kayla and I can be more than this

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“When people look at me, they see a liar, lost cause. They see my outbursts, dirty looks. They see the girl sent home from school and the one you wouldn’t leave alone with your purse.”

For Kayla, every day is a struggle. Her life is filled with school suspensions, low grades, bullying, isolation from peers, teachers and, most of all, family. Girls like Kayla are in the top 2% of risk factors compared to other girls their age. They face school dropout, early sexualized behaviours, unwanted pregnancy, substance abuse and a higher potential for criminal activity.

Fortunately, Kayla’s mom heard about Child Development Institute’s award-winning early intervention model SNAP. Its SNAP Girls (ages 6-11) program keeps girls in school and out of trouble by helping them “stop and think” before they act – making better choices in the moment.

At first, Kayla said “NO WAY” whenever SNAP Girls came up. It took a while – but her mom, teacher and CDI counsellors convinced her to give it a try. She grumbled a lot but kept showing up week after week.

“SNAP Girls has made a big difference in our lives. Kayla and I talk more now, her grades have improved and teachers say she’s more engaged and less disruptive. She has joined the Debating Club and soccer team,” says Kayla’s mom. “A week ago, for the first time in years, Kayla had a friend over for a sleepover. She had a great time and laughed a lot. It was the most joyous sound I’ve heard in my life.”

SNAP Girls is a proven, practical solution that transform girls’ lives by teaching them to manage emotions and impulses, avoid conflicts and, most importantly, stay in school.

Help a girl like Kayla participate in the SNAP Girls program by donating today.