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Employment Opportunities

Children's Mental Health

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Clinical, Childcare and Non-Bargaining Postings

Intensive Family Support Worker (Posted on 09-21-2023)

Repost-Intensive Family Support Worker (Posted on 09-21-2023)

Coordinator, ELC (Posted on 09-08-2023)

SNAP Family Worker-Boys (Posted on 09-07-2023)

Financial Analyst (Posted on 08-30-2023)

Donor relations and Stewardship Officer (Posted on 08-29-2023)

Director of Finance and Risk Management and Director of Development and Communications (Posted on 08-25-2023)

Associate Director of Human Resources (Posted on 08-24-2023)

Clinical Supervisor, SNAP Program (Posted on 08-24-2023)

Coordinator, SNAP West Clinical Team (Posted on 08-23-2023)

SNAP Senior Trainer-Community Facilitator (Posted on 08-21-2023)

Social Worker-Family Violence Services, Mother in Mind Program (Posted on 08-18-2023)

Social Worker-Family Violence Services, Shelters Program (Posted on 08-18-2023)

Coordinator, Therapeutic Recreation Programs (Posted on 08-18-2023)

Contract SNAP Child Worker (Posted on 08-15-2023)

Casual Activity Group Support Worker (Posted on 08-14-2023)

Casual Activity Group Leader (Posted on 08-14-2023)

Contract PT Receptionist/Administration (Posted on 08-11-2023)

RFP - Strategic Planning Services (Reposted on 08-04-2023)

Contract PT Receptionist/Administration (Posted on 07-26-2023)

Project Manager (Posted on 07-21-2023)

Receptionist/Administration (Posted on 07-21-2023)

Director, Early Learning Centre (Posted on 06-28-2023)

Receptionist/Administration, EarlyON (Posted on 06-27-2023)

General Accountant Analyst (Posted on 06-20-2023)

Coordinator,ELC (Posted on 05-18-2023)

Early Childhood Assistant (Posted on 04-06-2023)

Contract Early Childhood Assistant (Posted on 04-06-2023)

Contract Child & Family - Learning DIsability And Mental Health (Posted on 03-30-2023)

Child & Family Clinician - Family and Community Counselling (Posted on 03-24-2023)

Associate Director, Clinical Services (Posted on 01-09-2023)






















Child Development Institute offers both entry-level opportunities as well as positions for more experienced professionals who want to work with children and their families. Positions suit individuals from various educational backgrounds including those holding a BA, ECE, Dip.CS, MSW, MA or equivalent. Individuals with direct experience working with children and youth and their families are encouraged to apply to suitable positions.

We encourage applications from people of diverse cultural, racial and linguistic communities to enable us to serve the diverse population of Toronto.

Given our commitment to putting as much of our resources into direct service as possible, unsolicited resumes are not acknowledged nor are we able to accept phone calls regarding unsolicited resumes. In some cases, unsolicited resumes will be maintained on file for six months. Only candidates selected for an interview are contacted.