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SNAP Campaign reaches important milestone thanks to the support of its volunteers

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Campaign Co-Chairs Janet MacPhail (far left) and Lyn Baptist (far right) with Kathy Levene, Leena Augimeri and Che Latchford from the SNAP team.

In December 2016, the SNAP® National Expansion Campaign reached 90 per cent of its initial $12 million goal – well ahead of the anticipated timeframe. This milestone means that SNAP is now available in over 30 sites across Canada, and is rapidly expanding to reach many new communities.

At this pivotal moment in SNAP’s trajectory across Canada, CDI would like to extend its whole-hearted thanks to Lyn Baptist and Janet MacPhail, the Co-Chairs of the SNAP National Expansion Campaign Cabinet. Lyn and Janet have been instrumental in recruiting volunteers and securing support from individuals and the private sector, while contributing their significant expertise to the National Expansion strategy. Moreover, Lyn and Janet have both made significant philanthropic investments in the campaign.

“CDI is fortunate to have the dedication and commitment of these two philanthropists who have provided unwavering leadership and vision to this campaign,” says Tony Diniz, CEO of Child Development Institute. “We sincerely thank Lyn and Janet for their time and effort towards ensuring the success of SNAP across Canada.”

CDI thanks Lyn and Janet for their continued leadership on the SNAP Campaign Cabinet. As well, we would like to say big thank you to the following volunteers who continue to serve on the cabinet: Carol Bezaire, Judith Hinchman, Linda Kitchen, Stephen MacPhail, Michelle and Patrick Meneley, Janet Nixon, Kellie Sauriol and Ricki Sharpe.

We couldn’t do it without you!

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