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Featured supporter: St. Andrew’s Society of Toronto

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We are delighted to thank a new donor to CDI, the St. Andrew’s Society of Toronto, for their generous contribution to our Family Violence Services over this past year.

“CDI’s innovative mental health services for children and mothers who have experienced violence and trauma connects to our charitable mandate, which is to support organizations in Toronto delivering services for women, violence support programs and assistance for families living in transition,” says Rory Sinclair, Past President with the society.

Toronto’s Scottish community founded the Society in 1836 to provide assistance to Scottish immigrants moving to the city. The St. Andrew's Charitable Foundation was established 50 years ago to formalize their charitable giving. In the early days, the society raised funds to help families adjust to their new life in Canada in very practical ways. Many members volunteered their professional services, such as providing free legal counsel and medical home care. According to Mr. Sinclair, the society was made up of Toronto’s “old establishment;” George Brown acted as President of the society, twice. Over time, the society’s mandate has transformed along with the city’s changing needs, and so has the membership.

“Our fundraising events help us relish our ‘Scottishness,’ and we have a great deal of fun, but we are also very committed to our tradition of charitable giving, which is central to who we are,” Mr. Sinclair says. The Society raises funds through several initiatives, including the premier event, the St. Andrew’s Ball, held at the Royal York and attended by 500-600 people each year.

To learn more about the St. Andrew’s Society of Toronto, click here.