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Why investing in children’s mental health matters

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There are currently over one million children and youth in Canada whose lives, and those of their families, are being impacted by mental health challenges. An estimated 14 per cent of these children experience significant symptoms and impaired functioning, which affects their interactions at home, school and in their community.

The consequences for children and their families who do not receive adequate and appropriate treatment affect us all. We know that four out of five children who need help for mental health problems never receive it, and the consequences include incidences of depression, school dropout, juvenile delinquency and substance abuse. Long-term implications that last into adulthood include illiteracy, violence, criminal behaviour, underemployment and family breakdown.

Children who receive the support they need early in life are better able to cope, regulate their emotions and build stronger and more positive relationships with their peers.  

With your help, we are able to provide responsive, family-centred, evidence-based programs when they are most needed: during childhood and adolescence. Through our early intervention approach, we provide families with the skills needed to discover their own strengths and abilities, leading to lasting, positive change.

Because of you, many of the necessary resources and supports are available for at-risk children, youth and their families.

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