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Three main causes of bullying

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1. Control

Both adults and children want to feel they have control over what happens to them and will search for ways to be successful at getting it. Consequently, children or adults who bully have learned to hurt others and get what they want through controlling behaviour or attitudes.

2. Emulating/Observing Others

Bullying may grow out of an unhealthy family dynamics or series of relationships. For example, bullying can grow out of a family situation where parents do not enforce clear rules or disciplinary actions for bad/wrongful behaviour. This in turn, may reinforce the bad behavior and children may use the same actions towards others.

3. Acceptance/Belonging

Some children will bully others because they have watched this behaviour from others and copy the behavior as a way to be socially accepted by the bully and/or peers. Other children will support the bullying as a form of protection so they themselves do not become a target or victim to bullying.


Other bullying resources:

*Reference: Information provided from CDI’s SNAP program. For more information, please visit: stopnowandplan.com