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Friday, January 18, 2019, 3:12am

CDI operates five Early Learning Centres in Toronto. The Early Learning Centres provide licensed childcare and subsidies are available through the City of Toronto. For more information visit childdevelop.ca.

SNAP® is CDI’s proven program that focuses on emotion-regulation, self-control and problem-solving and teaches children with behavioural problems, and their parents, how to make better choices "in the moment." For more information, visit stopnowandplan.com.

The Family and Community Counselling team provides counselling services for families of children under the age of six who are experiencing social, emotional, developmental or behavioural difficulties. 

CDI’s Child Care Consultants collaborate with child care staff and parents to develop individualized plans and strategies to support children’s optimal development and their ability to function within a child care centre.

Here to Help is a group intervention program for mothers with children ages 4 to 18 who have experienced family violence. The group runs for 11 weeks and is offered three times per year.

Are you a mother with children under the age of four who has experienced family violence or trauma? Mothers in Mind is a mother and child group program that focuses on the needs of mothers who find that these hurtful experiences are making parenting difficult. For more information, visit mothersinmind.ca.

Did you know that CDI is the only accredited children's mental health agency providing evidence-informed, therapeutic programs and services to children, youth and their families who are dealing with mental health issues complicated by learning disabilities (LDMH). To learn more about the Integra Program, visit childdevelop.ca.

We offer several school-based programs across Toronto that assist children with problem-solving, building coping skills and learning to manage their emotions. To learn more, visit childdevelop.ca.