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Thank you for supporting SNAP

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“Vandalism, starting fires, fights: I didn’t really care what I was doing. Without SNAP I would not be the person that I am today”, Chris, former SNAP Participant

Thank you for helping children like Chris

Through no fault of their own, children just like Chris struggle every day with impulsive behaviours, emotions they can’t control and problems that seem unmanageable.

The cost to us all for not helping these children is enormous.

  • In Ontario alone approximately 37,000 children have Disruptive Behaviour Problems
  • Over 16,000 youth will have started their criminal career before the age of 12
  • Early onset of delinquency tends to predict a long and serious criminal career
  • 90% of repeat juvenile offenders had Disruptive Behaviour Problems in childhood

SNAP (Stop Now And Plan) can immediately improve child and family behaviours, while changing lives. SNAP works.

SNAP teaches children skills that help them to stop and think about solutions that make problems smaller, not bigger. But we need your help.

Right now SNAP is reaching 4,000 children in Toronto. Our goal is to bring SNAP to 20,000 additional children across Canada over the next five years with the SNAP Explosion.

It’s up to all of us to help. Let’s do everything we can to make a difference.

Please donate now.

Thank you!

Tony Diniz

P.S. By sending this email today we are trying to reduce our fundraising costs. Your donation online helps us direct more of your gift to SNAP.
Thank you.


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