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Healthy Child Development

Early Learning

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Early Learning Centres
Parkdale-High Park EarlyON Child and Family Centre

Child Development Institute's Healthy Child Development programs provide an inclusive early learning experience in a safe and supportive, play-based environment. We are committed to promoting and providing an inclusive and safe environment that uses How Does Learning Happen? Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years framework as a guide to govern our programs in each Centre’s daily practices.

Early Learning Centres

Child Development Institute operates five Early Learning Centres across the City of Toronto. Our Centres are licensed by the Ministry of Education, and we maintain specific health, safety, fire and program standards outlined in the Child Care and Early Years Act (2014), and the Toronto Children's Services Assessment for Quality Improvement (AQI).

Each Centre has a fee subsidy agreement with the City of Toronto Children’s Services. For more information about subsidies, please contact Toronto Children’s Services at 416-392-5437 or www.toronto.ca/children.

The Early Learning Centres Program

Our inclusive program promotes child development by encouraging children to become actively involved in their environment and with others. Play-based indoor and outdoor activities incorporate both teacher involvement and independent play. Our individual and group activities are designed to foster development in language/literacy, social/emotional competency and cognitive and motor skills. Children with special development needs participate simultaneously in the same activities as their peers.

Each of the Early Learning Centres strives to build links with their local community in order to connect families and children to neighbourhood resources that will develop and expand their social network and enrich the early learning program.

As one of CDI’s four core service streams, the approach at our Early Learning Centres also reflects many of the agency’s values:

A family-centred approach
Communication with families is very important: families are important partners in helping us understand a child's learning needs. We welcome parent feedback and parent involvement through volunteering in the Early Learning Centres. Each Centre maintains an active Parent Advisory Committee (PAC). In addition, CDI’s Family Resource Workers are available to support families on all parenting issues. Families have access to CDI’s early intervention programs, if needed. 

Our Early Learning Centres support inclusion of children with special needs. We also embrace cultural, linguistic, religious and ethnic diversity.

Continuous learning and knowledge sharing
Our Early Learning Centres serve as placement facilities for post-secondary Early Childhood students, keeping us connected and current with the latest in child development knowledge. Our staff also participates in ongoing professional development, specifically How Does Learning Happen?


Annex Early Learning Centre
161 Madison Avenue
Toronto, ON M5R 2S6
Serving the Annex community with 66 spaces for children from infancy to age 10.

Fraser Mustard Early Learning Centre
82 Thorncliffe Park Drive
Toronto, ON M4H 1K3
Serving the Thorncliffe Park community with 88 spaces for children from infancy to age 4 and the Kindergarten Before and After Program.

Parkdale Early Learning Centre
119 Close Avenue
Toronto, ON M6K 2V2
Serving the Parkdale community with 49 spaces for children from infancy to age 4.

Wellesley Early Learning Centre
495 Sherbourne Street
Toronto, ON M4X 1K7
Serving the St. Jamestown community with 62 spaces for children from infancy to age 4.

Windermere Early Learning Centre
103 The Queensway
Toronto, ON M6S 5B3
Serving the Queensway/Windermere Ave. community with 57 spaces for children from infancy to age 6.

Click here to download the Early Learning Centre Parent Handbook.

Parkdale-High Park EarlyOn Child and Family Centre

The Parkdale-High Park EarlyON Child and Family Centre offers a variety of free programs and services for parents, caregivers and children under the age of six. Programs and services include:

  • Early learning and literacy programs
  • Parenting programs such as Mother Goose and Nobody’s Perfect
  • Public Health led prenatal programs and parenting education programs
  • Access to a Toronto Public Health nurse

Our latest program calendar is listed below:

CDI operates Parkdale-High Park EarlyON Child and Family Centre in partnership with West Neighbourhood House. Our community partners include:

  • Creating Together
  • More Than Child’s Play
  • Queen Victoria (Public School) Partners
  • College Montrose
  • 4 Villages Community Health Centre (Early Years 2 Program)
  • Parkdale Community Health Centre

All services are free of charge. Families are referred for more specialized services as required.

Parkdale-High Park EarlyON Child and Family Centre is located in in the Dundas West and Keele neighbourhood at 2918 Dundas St. West. For information, please contact 416-762-3700.